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Bakken Watch from North Dakota

The Bakken Oil Field is the name of the oil field in North Dakota being developed via new, unconventional drilling processes.

Some Illinois legislators and oil companies are comparing what is happening in the Bakken to what could happen in Illinois.  Take a look at what is happening to farmers, residents, and animals in North Dakota:

This photo is from a North Dakotan:

“This is a pic of one of my innocent babies affected by all of this. Their eyes and noses get just full of blood from the harsh air. I treat them with meds and try to find a home away from here for them. It breaks my heart to see animals like this. Some have gotten so bad we have to have them put to sleep so they don’t suffer. I spoke with 2 of my neighbors today. Both are having problems and are getting worse with the winter months, and now there are reports of animals going blind. I suspected this of several of my cows and cats but wasn’t sure; now I am. This is so hard on animals. They do not deserve this.”

Go to Bakken Watch for in-depth information, including:

Videos of air test results, chemical contamination, and impacts on animals and people near fracking.

Photos of medical records, human illness, contaminated water, sick animals, etc.


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