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USGS Investigating Water Contamination in Indiana Near Enhanced Oil/Gas Production

The USGS is investigating ground water pollution related to enhanced oil/gas production in Posey County, Indiana.

Here  is the excerpt regarding Indiana:

Indiana –  USGS is conducting a one-year investigation of groundwater quality in the vicinity of enhanced crude oil and natural gas production in southwestern Indiana (initiated Spring 2012). This project provides technical support to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) of the Centers for Disease Control as requested by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in January 2011 because of complaints of petroleum and oilfield brine constituents in private wells. The one-year study is assessing hydrogeology, geochemistry, and groundwater quality and analysis of water from private wells near Mt. Vernon in Posey County, Indiana. Data will be managed in and disseminated through the USGS National Water Information System (NWIS). (Contact: Martin Risch,, (317) 600-2763)

SAFE feels that this investigation into petroleum and oilfield brine constituents in private water wells near enhanced oil/gas production in southwest Indiana is critical information to be aware of.  Some Illinois legislators are saying that Illinois is lagging behind Indiana in terms of allowing industry to get into their state, but apparently there are recent problems in Indiana.  Clearly this matter needs to be looked at and investigated before regulatory action is taken in Illinois.

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