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Our News Posts provide a continuous source of learning and education. Engaging with the news increases our critical thinking by evaluating sources, analyzing information, and considering multiple viewpoints.


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Work with SAFE

SAFE Organization

Joining the SAFE organization presents numerous benefits for Southern Illinoisans passionate about making a positive impact IL. By working with us, you can directly contribute to the improvement and preservation of our immediate surroundings.

Local Volunteering

Southern Illinois Region

Southern Illinois, has diverse landscapes, rich history, and unique cultural identity. Its picturesque rolling hills, expansive forests, and the iconic Shawnee National Forest, offering outdoor enthusiasts many opportunities. The region is recognized for its agricultural contributions.

National Organizations

North America

Environmental and health impacts associated with hydraulic fracturing have grown. Risks such as water contamination, air pollution, and the release of methane.  Over the years, this movement has led to grassroots campaigns and legal challenges.


Volunteering for environmental conservation is a powerful way to be a steward of our planet and make a lasting impact on the world around us. By dedicating your time and efforts to environmental causes, you become an essential part of the solution.

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