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Allamakee County, Iowa: Protectors Against Frac Sand Mining

Allamakee County Protectors is a group of concerned county residents leading the fight against Frac Sand Mining in Allamakee County. The site of current concern is a proposed mining facility in Sand Cove, an area of rich ecological diversity, archaeological importance and rare Tallgrass Prairie plant species.

The mining facility proposed by Minnesota Sands, will have a profound impact on the lives of the residents of Sand Cove and on the residents of all of us who live in Allamakee County communities. The damage caused by the sand removal will leave permanent scars on the landscape; scars that will never be mitigated by reclamation at any level.

Please take some time and read the information we have provided here. By realizing the overall impact of the ultimate (and irreversible) damage, you will see the downside far outweighs any benefits Minnesota Sands and their associated contractors will try to sell you.

Please visit our blog for some great commentary.

Not sure what frac sand is? Here are two articles that explain it pretty succinctly. Frac Sand 1 Frac Sand 2

Do you have a question or comment for Allamakee County Protectors? Here’s an easy-to-use form just waiting for you – Contact us

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