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Indigenous Canadian fracking protesters refuse to back down

by                                Andrea  SchmidtDecember 2, 20137:41PM ET

Demonstrators defy court injunction intended to keep them from interfering with Texas-based company’s seismic testing

<img src="/content/ajam/articles/2013/12/2/canada-anti-frackingprotestersanswerinjunctionextensionwithblock/_jcr_content/mainpar/adaptiveimage/src.adapt.480.low.jpg" alt="Canada anti fracking" class="">

Protesters, led by Mi’kmaq indigenous people, after setting a fire to block a New Brunswick highway, begin a traditional round dance, Dec. 2, 2013.

Candi Simon/APTN

OTTAWA, Canada — Anti-fracking demonstrators set tires ablaze to block a New Brunswick highway Monday in a fiery response to a judge’s decision to extend an injunction limiting their protests against a Texas-based shale gas exploration company. For the rest of the story please click the link to Alajeezra America;

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