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Lawsuits from Families Harmed by Fracking

Read what families are going through in the face of fracking.  These are real people, real families.  This is their experience with fracking.

Here is the pdf of a brief focusing on the Hallowich case in Pennsylvania, with other cases listed at the end.

The featured photo is the Hallowich family.

This is a photo of the Hallowich family property in Pennsylvania.  Here is a link to a website explaining what happened to the Hallowich family.

Read about the Hallowich family in this Sierra Club publication.  Here is an excerpt:

Air quality is a major concern for Chris and Stephanie Hallowich and their two young children. The couple watched the dream home they built in 2007 on 10 acres in Mount Pleasant Township become surrounded by an industrial compound consisting of four fracked wells, a cryogenic gas processing plant, a compressor station, pipelines, a three-acre holding pond, and a gravel road frequented by heavy trucks. Like Greenwood, they had inherited a lease they knew little about until the drilling rigs arrived. Range Resources spokesman Pitzarella called this incursion a “nuisance” that would be cleaned up when the drilling was done. The Hallowich children, meanwhile, coughed and complained of headaches and burning eyes from the constant fumes. When carcinogenic volatile organic compounds were found in both the Hallowiches’ water well and the air around their house, the family sued. The water was contaminated with acrylonitrile, toluene, ethyl benzene, and styrene—”things that should never be in water,” Stephanie Hallowich said in a 2010 video statement to PennEnvironment.

She had no interest in becoming an environmental activist, but once her kids started drawing pictures of ponds with dead fish and of frowning suns and skies that hate the smell of “the yucky stuff,” Stephanie became an outspoken critic of fracking and the gas industry. The Hallowiches and Range Resources eventually settled their lawsuit, and the company bought the 10-acre property—on the condition that the Hallowiches submit to a gag order and stop talking about the case and their experiences. Media attempts to unseal the court records so far have failed.


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