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NEOGAP | Network for Oil & Gas Accountability & Protection

NEOGAP is organized to educate, empower, and advocate for the citizens of Ohio who are facing threats to health, safety, and property rights posed by oil and gas development.

Vision Statement:  We envision Ohio as a place where property rights and local control are fully respected; where oil and gas development throughout the state occurs using only methods that protect water, air, soil quality, and human health and safety; and where laws and regulations support this vision.

Conventional gas drilling has become “unconventional.”

How does this affect you?

Public debate about the safety of oil and natural gas drilling in the State of Ohio, and across the nation, has escalated dramatically in recent months.  Wells are being drilled on farmland, in residential areas, and near our sources of drinking water. Also, last year, the general Assembly passed legislation that permits drilling in our state parks and on other public lands—the first time in the history of Ohio that oil and gas drilling has been so permitted!

A relatively new drilling method, known as high volume, slick water hydraulic fracturing, is believed by many to carry significant environmental risks—from the hydraulic fracturing and all of the stages and associated processes of drilling and production.

The oil and gas industry would have us believe this is a perfectly safe process that does not put our health, drinking water, or environment at risk.  Should we trust this industry to look out for us?

This site is meant to be a resource to help you make informed decisions for yourself, decisions about how to help protect your community, and to keep up to date on legislative changes, industry positions, current news articles, and more…


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