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Support the “Green Dozen” Illinois Fracking bills – 2014

To be delivered to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor Pat Quinn

Dear Illinois Lawmakers : Please protect Illinois from dangerous fracking. The rules on fracking at the IDNR are NOT good enough so Frack Free Illinois has introduced 12 bills about fracking in the GA this session, the “Green Dozen”. Please co-sponsor and support all of the “Green Dozen” fracking bills:Make Fracking Safer: SB3492 – Safeguard Illinoisans In The Active Earthquake Zones – Say “No” to fracking in the active earthquake zones, such as the New Madrid and Wabash Valley. Investigate induced earthquakes first in order to protect Illinoisans.SB3562 – Protect Illinois From Radioactive Waste – Fracking waste water and debris is often radioactive, the industry should test all of their waste, if positive they should dispose of their waste as Low Level Radioactive Waste, (LLRW).

SB3485 – Fracking Redefined, All Fracking Methods Should Comply With The Regulations, (HFRA)– Amend HFRA to cover ALL fracking operations and methods, (gases, foams, gels, nitrogen, chemicals), not just water based fracks..

SB3328 – Safeguard The Mahomet Aquifer – Suspend fracking in the Mahomet Aquifer, the source of drinking water for over 1,000,000 Central Illinoisans, create a task force to prevent contamination.

SB3327 – Shield Illinoisans With Improved Setbacks – Increase the distance from fracking operations to homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, livestock operations, wetlands, waterways and nuclear power plants, push it back to 1500ft.

SB3484 – Flood Plains Are Unsafe For Fracking – Say “No” to Colorado-style contamination in Illinois flood plains.

SB3330 – Patients And The Medical Community Deserve Full Chemical Disclosure – Make sure ALL fracking chemicals are disclosed to the medical community and emergency responders. Public health should trump “trade secrets”.

Make Fracking Fair: SB3326 – Allow Consent From Counties + Create A Fair Permit Challenge Process – ALL local governments, including counties, should be able to consent (or not consent) to fracking permits. Increase the permit challenge process to 90 days.

SB3230 – End The Production Tax 2-Year “Give Away” – The Industry does not need a “grace period”.

SB3329 – Protect Illinois Taxpayers From Industry-Related Liability – Increase and specify industry insurance requirements, and increase bonding, if and when a fraccident happens – don’t let the frackers skip town.

SB3483 – Safeguard Illinois’ Property Owners from Industry Trespassing – Make sure Illinois landowners are informed and, when necessary, give consent for fracking on their legally-owned property.

Protect Illinois From All Of The Above: SB3386 – Ban Fracking And Enhanced Investigative Task Force, New fracking revelations, findings and incidents are happening in states across the country every day, let’s learn from their mistakes!


Did you know that there might be over 20 fracking wells already operating in Illinois? Even though the IL Dept. of Natural Resources has not even published their final rules on fracking yet — so much for the Frackers, the Governor and the IDNR playing by the rules here in Illinois!

There has been a report of the 2nd well being approved by Gov Quinn in Clay County, and we have reports of up to 20 others already being drilled in White County. Gov. Quinn and many IL lawmakers are chomping at the bit to FRACK ILLINOIS! Please sign and pass this petition in support of the “Green Dozen” fracking bills in the IL General Assembly this spring.


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