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The Hard Numbers on Fracking: Radiation, Toxic Wastewater and Air Pollution

Friday, 04 October 2013 09:21

Blacklick Creek, Pennsylvania. (Photo:

Kordite / Flickr)Researchers have found elevated levels of radioactive material and other pollutants in Pennsylvania’s scenic Blacklick Creek, and they say fracking is to blame.

Researchers at Duke University announced this week that samples collected from 2010 to 2012 near a fracking wastewater treatment facility that discharges into Blacklick Creek had up to 200 times the amount of radium than samples just upstream, as well as elevated levels of salts and heavy metals.

“The radioactivity levels we found in sediments near the outflow are above management regulations in the United States and would only be accepted at a licensed radioactive disposal facility,” said Robert B. Jackson, professor of environmental science at Duke. For the rest of this story please click the link to TruthOut:

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