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This Land Is (Not?) Your Land


When is this land not your land or our land? When the President of the United States and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) conspire to open 600 million acres of Federal and Native American land, including our national parks, for fracking. Recent reports  suggest fracking is contaminating our groundwater with heavy metals and arsenic. Is this the legacy we want to leave our kids? On Aug. 21, you can join Americans Against Fracking for a national call-in day to President Obama. Call the President at 1-888-660-2594. You can tell him: “Fracking threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the communities we love and the climate on which we all depend. We need to ban fracking now.” Also, until Aug. 23, the BLM is seeking public comments on its proposal to weaken the rules for fracking on public lands. Please sign the petition below to let President Obama and the BLM know you want stronger, not weaker, rules for fracking on public lands! TAKE ACTION: Tell the President and the BLM: Don’t Frack America’s Public Lands! Learn more about fracking and arsenic in groundwater


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