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20,000 Fracking comments sent to Illinois Department of Natural Resources

NEWS Release/for immediate release

January 2, 2014

From: Annette McMichael/SAFE Communications Director & Illinois People’s Action Leader


William Rau, IPA/FEI Spokesperson (309) 662-1605

Verlyn Rosenberger, IPA/FEI Spokesperson (217) 877-4789

Dawn Dannenbring, IPA Staff (background) (309) 531-4433

20,000 Fracking comments sent to Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Groups demand that IDNR go back to the drawing board

Members of Fair Economy Illinois and many state groups have generated over 20,000 comments to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources opposing the dangerously weak rules written by the IDNR. The rules were written to implement the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act which was passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Quinn on June 17.

The Fair Economy Illinois coalition is demanding that IDNR go back to the drawing board. “The law was bad; the rules are worse,” said Verlyn Rosenberger, an IPA leader who participated in writing comments to IDNR over the 50 day IDNR comment period. “Our first step is to keep the rules from becoming law.” The comments focus on incomplete, inadequate or otherwise deficient rules that threaten the health, safety and welfare of Illinois citizens and the environment.

January 3, 2014, ends the 50-day comment period portion of the rule-making process which began on November 15, 2013. Since then, concerned citizens with Fair Economy Illinois, including IIRON and Illinois People’s Action (and their respective member groups) have generated over 14,000 comments on the rules. Sierra Club, NRDC, FWW, CREDO, and IEC member groups have also written comments. The result is a record number of comments to the IDNR, surpassing all prior comment sessions held in IDNR’s history.

“The absurd inadequacy of the rules and limited comment period are absolutely unacceptable,” said William Rau, from Illinois People’s Action. “The rules have fallen far short of the letter and intent of the law. They are indicators that the process is broken and IDNR needs to extend the comment period and go back to the drawing board.” FEI is asking Governor Quinn and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) step in and extend the first notice period of the rule-making process to address the myriad of issues that have come up with the rules.

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