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Carbondale leaders vote to block ‘fracking’

CARBONDALE, IL KFVS -Carbondale leaders voted to support a resolution that would stop fracturing in Illinois.

The city council cited potential safety concerns as the reason to support the resolution. The council spent several moments discussing the issue during Tuesday night’s city council meeting. Then the council heard from an enviromental group and an activist against fracturing.When the roll was called on the issue the council voted 7-0 on their resolution to support a State of Illinois moratorium on fracturing until a more comprehensive study can be done about the dangers of the process.Some Carbondale citizens are taking a stand on a controversial method of drilling for natural gas.Known as hydraulic fracturing or, “fracking,” companies pump millions of gallons of chemically-treated water into deep shale formations, causing the shale to crack and pushing the gas or oil to wells. The issue of whether or not to allow fracturing is one that many communities in Southern Illinois and across the nation have been talking about and dealing with in recent years.Those against it say it also releases toxic chemicals into water supplies. The Jackson County Board has already voiced their support for a moratorium on fracturing.


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