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Facebook Page for Johnson County Citizens VOTE YES Ban Fracking

Click the link to go to the Facebook Page:

Here is a summary from the Johnson County Citizens VOTE YES Ban Fracking Facebook Page:


This page is a networking and information center for Johnson County Citizens in favor of a ban on fracking in Johnson County, Illinois.


Johnson County Citizens VOTE YES to is a coalition of local voters working to inform residents of Johnson County of their rights of local self-government to insure their health, safety. property rights and a clean environment. By voting YES in the March 18th primary on the proposition to ban fracking , residents of Johnson County will make their support for banning fracking in the county a public record.

Illinois law ensures that its citizens have rights to clean air, clean water, and property rights that include protection against tresspass, including subsurface tresspass. These rights can be asserted locally.

Our Supporters include: The Constitution of the United States of America The Constitution of the State of Illinois



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