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First fracking ban referendum in Illinois on the ballot in Johnson County

Posted by KFVS: Dec 12, 2013 6:31 PM CST, Updated: Dec 12, 2013 9:12 PM CST

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JOHNSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) -A Johnson County Committee trying to ban fracking in the county turned in the signatures they needed to put a fracking ban referendum on the March 18 ballot.This is the first referendum regarding fracking that will be placed on a ballot in Illinois.Over the past six weeks, the group in collected signatures to get a question on the March primary ballot asking whether the controversial practice should be banned.Nearly 400 signatures were needed, but they surpassed the needed amount, and turned in exactly 1,001 signatures to the county clerk’s office Thursday.

High volume horizontal fracking is a controversial method of gas and oil extraction that has not been used in Illinois.

The group warns that fracking can cause earthquakes, pollution and health risks including cancer.

Property owners in the group say they’ve been approached by officials to sell their land when fracking could take place.


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