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Letter: Pay attention to fracking bills

Posted Mar 04, 2013 @ 10:00 PM

Two bills are being presented in the Illinois legislature on fracking.

Senate Bill 1418 proposes a halt to any hydraulic fracking until we have a better understanding of how it will affect our water supply. This new technique has many issues that should give us all pause since it has been proven to poison wells on private property located new the drilling process. It is also important to know that eminent domain can be triggered in favor of the fracking companies removing landowners’ power to protect their property from the harmful effects of fracking.

That being said, House Bill 2615 has been crafted by both environmentalists and non-renewable energy advocates that would give Illinois some control over what chemicals are injected into the wells, some small setback protections from our natural water supplies and disclosure requirements of the toxins used.

Unfortunately, the companies using this new fracking technique in Pennsylvannia have a record of continuously violating state regulations, and we should be ready for these companies to do the same here. I suggest passing both bills so that the regulations will be in place when and if the companies can change their behavior in other states.

Are you up for gambling with the safety of our water supply for a quick buck? These jobs and income resources are temporary and will dry up when the gas is gone. Risking poisoning our lakes, wells and aquifers is not a smart move. So, I ask you, “Are you feeling lucky?”

Anne Logue Springfield

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