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Voice of the Reader: Yes, it’s frustrating

May 16, 2014 1:00 am

To the Editor:

“Frustration is growing over delays in fracking” stated a headline in your April 27 edition. It’s interesting that those reported to be frustrated are those who would make considerable profits from fracking in Southern Illinois. I wonder if they will be frustrated if some of us get sick because of toxins released from fracking, or when property values go south, or when we are left with poisoned water, land and wildlife?

Many Southern Illinoisans are frustrated, too. We are frustrated when industry reps and their shills are not challenged by the media when they repeat false claims about the safety of fracking. We are frustrated when over 30,000 comments on the State’s fracking regulations are dismissed as unwarranted without mention of their substance. We are frustrated when legislators receive financial backing from oil and gas sources and then they push the industry’s plans to exploit our region for their profit. We are frustrated when internationally recognized filmmaker and activist Josh Fox comes here and he gets little or no media attention. Was it because he revealed a pattern of collusion between government and industry officials in covering up serious problems with fracking?

We don’t need to speed up fracking permits, we need to speed up the learning curve of politicians and media. We want them to ask questions based on scientific studies and the experiences of those living where fracking was sped up. We want them to learn that renewable energy sources create more jobs while protecting our water, land, air and security. Until then, we will remain frustrated over the delays in the education of those who aspire to have our best interests in mind.

Hugh Muldoon


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