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WJBC – The Voice of Central Illinois: Zombies overrun Uptown to protest fracking

Zombified members of the group Illinois People’s Action speak out against fracking in the circle in Uptown Normal. (photo by WJBC/Zach Dietmeier)

By Zach Dietmeier

NORMAL – Zombies in Uptown Normal were not just out for brains or Halloween on Tuesday.

The group Illinois People’s Action is calling for a ban on fracking, said IPA spokesman Bill Rau.

“McLean County is going to be facing severe water problems by 2030,” said Rau. “If there were ever fracking here it’d be all over for this county because we just don’t have the water to spare.”

Group members dressed as zombies to symbolize what would happen to local residents is they drank fracking water. Zombies handed out fliers and growled at passers by as they tried to get their message out to the public.

“This event is to get support and get awareness out about how dangerous this is to our water, to our air, but most of all to human beings,” said fellow IPA leader Mary Bechtel.

Rau said further gatherings will more fully discuss the opposition to fracking.

“What we’re trying to do is get out word that we want to go for a total and complete ban on fracking in the state of Illinois,” said Rau. “We are having a meeting on Nov. 10 at the First United Methodist Church next to Milner Library.”

Bechtel wants all McLean County residents to understand the possible dangers of fracking projects.

“We just hope that people will take advantage of the information that is out there,” said Bechtel.

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